Small space gardening, cooking, and crafts


Tips and tricks to make your itsy garden into an urban jungle.


Balcony Gardening Part 1: Seedlings in a Small Space

Spring is here and I'm ready to garden! Unfortunately, the weather isn't much for supporting my enthusiasm. With some nights still dropping into the 30's, there just isn't a lot of hope for giving my crop a jump start. Or is there... Allow me to introduce the mini greenhouse. There are a number of brands and methods… View More


Blossom Rot - How to Save Your Tomato Harvest

With the hot and hazy days of summer ticking away, my itsy garden has suddenly sprung into a jungle of produce. All of that careful planning, construction and tending has finally begun to pay off in pounds upon pounds of fresh and delicious veggies! With dreams of pickles, hot sauce, dried chilies, pesto and fresh herbs finally… View More


Powdery Mildew - Commercial vs. Homemade Remedy

Lately, I find that I start out every morning with a cup of coffee and a gaze out upon my balcony garden. Being zen has never been easy for me as my mind races with all of the tasks that lay before me that day. Since I started my itsy garden, however, I have come to realize that those initial moments watching as the morning mist burns… View More


Welcome to the Garden!

So what exactly is an itsy garden? I would define it as two or more plants thriving in a place that is lovingly tended. It could be the small herb box at your kitchen window, a little patch of reclaimed land in your yard, or as is the case for me, a small balcony. Just about any sunlit spot, no matter how… View More