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Drunk Cherry Showdown: Alcohol Taste Test

Ahhh cherries. So sweet, so beautiful, so corruptible! Seriously, these juicy red fruits love the hooch, soaking up a variety of spirits in as little as an hour's time. While cherries are not exclusive in the tipsy fruits realm, none compare to the ease, flavor and speed with which a batch can be made. Before we get down to the taste test, let's… View More


Bite of Seattle - Epic Food Festival or an Event That Just Bites?

Seattle is a foodie paradise. Fresh seafood, abundant local produce and an amazing array of culinary talent leave even the most picky eater wanting for nothing while visiting our beautiful metropolis. Discovering that that the city hosts a food festival every summer should come as no surprise and yet few newcomers are prepared for the actual size… View More


U-Pick Farm Tips and Strawberry Picking

While most farmer's markets in my corner of the Pacific NW start up in May, it just doesn't feel like Summer until the strawberries hit the stands in a delicious wave. Due to the unseasonably warm winter, our fruit season arrived earlier than normal and left me scrambling to adjust for both picking and… View More


Welcome to the Garden!

So what exactly is an itsy garden? I would define it as two or more plants thriving in a place that is lovingly tended. It could be the small herb box at your kitchen window, a little patch of reclaimed land in your yard, or as is the case for me, a small balcony. Just about any sunlit spot, no matter how… View More