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Welcome to the source of all things delicious! Our recipes are designed with learning in mind and can be used by anyone, regardless of skill level. To get the most out of our recipes, read about how we structure them here!


Lemon Extract & Infusions

No one likes to waste food, least of all me. I have made so many attempts to recycle food scraps into treasure over the years, with varying degrees of success. There is always a balance point between quality and the time spent mastering a new recipe or technique that its often more pratical to just feed the compost worms. Extracts, tinctures & Infusions, however, are the exception. If you have time… View More


Hot Toddy

Ah, winter. The season of soup, snow and cuddly blankets. I have been a fan ever since childhood, and still get downright giddy when I hear that we might get a few flurries. Don't get me wrong, I love the other seasons too, but there is something magical about these dark and restful months. That is, until you catch the flu. I'm a firm supporter of flu shots and pony up to the pharmacy every year (ok, I forgot last year and… View More


Young Fruit Mead, Plus Tips for Aging

If you have been following along with our fermentation series, then you have already made your own Fermentation Jar, NY Style Deli Pickles and… View More


Authentic Sauerkraut with Apples or Caraway

So far in the series we have learned to make our very own fermentation jar, along with deli style lacto-fermented pickles. If you have already mastered these two projects, then sauerkraut is going to be breeze. In fact, its as easy as chop, salt, pack. Let's gather our ingredients:   - 2 average size heads of… View More


NY Deli Style Lacto-Fermented Dill Pickles

Query most people and they will say that pickles come from jars filled with vinegar and spices. Growing up in the northeast, however, my first pickle was of a whole different sort. Salty and sour, but not tart, they would be served from the depths of a cloudy brine, either in barrels or countertop glass jars. As time went on, it became harder and harder to find sources of these fermented to perfection pickles. After moving… View More


Drunk Cherry Showdown: Alcohol Taste Test

Ahhh cherries. So sweet, so beautiful, so corruptible! Seriously, these juicy red fruits love the hooch, soaking up a variety of spirits in as little as an hour's time. While cherries are not exclusive in the tipsy fruits realm, none compare to the ease, flavor and speed with which a batch can be made. Before we get down to the taste test, let's… View More


Flaky, Buttery Hand Pies with Filling

Hand pies (aka toaster pastry) are such a delight in the morning with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Now that I think about it, hand pies are amazing pretty much any time of day. They hold their own as a light desert, as a loving addition to a bag lunch or at any gathering such as a potluck or BBQ. Depending on your choice of sprinkles, icing and cutter shape, these delicious tarts can be dressed up for holidays, or left plain to kick off a… View More


Old Fashioned Sour Cream Coffee Cake for your Strawberries

A good friend from Arizona sent this recipe several years ago, right around the time that my cooking skill was experiencing more successes than failures. Though I could master a birthday cake from the box with ease, making this cake from scratch gave me such a sense of accomplishment right when I needed it most. With its quick preparation and common ingredients, this has become my go-to recipe should I need a desert in a hurry. I rank… View More


All Natural Strawberry Jam

After our trip for U-Pick strawberries (read about that here), the kitchen was overflowing with small red fruit. Fortunately, I had already planned out a number of recipes in advance so that I could get cooking the very next day. If you are kitchen wizard, feel free to scroll… View More