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We Are Back!!!

Without a few rocks in the road, we wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the greatness of the journey we’re on. And while the past few months have rolled a few boulders my way, I’m so excited to announce that new content will soon be on the way! I have so many new recipes, crafts and garden projects to share, and you can expect more than a few new adventures in 2017 as well.

It’s going to be a great year.

Before I give just a hint of what’s to come, let me say how thankful I am to everyone for their patience and for checking in on my absence. It is such a gift to be able to share my passions with all of you, and to hear of your own successes. Together, we simply make better things. Together - it’s just more fun!

Here is only a sample of the projects I have been testing, tweaking and prepping:


-Beginners series on canning (and tons of recipes for everyone!)

-Fermentation part 2

-Dehydration- from shopping for a machine to making jerky, fruit leather and more.


-Making a self-watering garden system like the one I use.

-How to start a balcony garden (and when).

-Worm composting.

-Harvest specific cooking series (who likes cherries and apples?!).

-Equipment buying guides (and what products I just can’t live without)

-Home-made gifts galore, and how to give them a store-bought look.

… and so much more!


So let’s get cooking, crafting and gardening in the new year! And as always, send me your tutorial wish lists since you know that I love a challenge.


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