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Flaky, Buttery Hand Pies with Filling

Hand pies (aka toaster pastry) are such a delight in the morning with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Now that I think about it, hand pies are amazing pretty much any time of day. They hold their own as a light desert, as a loving addition to a bag lunch or at any gathering such as a potluck or BBQ. Depending on your choice of sprinkles, icing and cutter shape, these delicious tarts can be dressed up for holidays, or left plain to kick off a… View More


Drunk Cherry Showdown: Alcohol Taste Test

Ahhh cherries. So sweet, so beautiful, so corruptible! Seriously, these juicy red fruits love the hooch, soaking up a variety of spirits in as little as an hour's time. While cherries are not exclusive in the tipsy fruits realm, none compare to the ease, flavor and speed with which a batch can be made. Before we get down to the taste test, let's… View More